The Process

The "Original" ShowOffCards Development Process

Once we have our grubby little paws wrapped tightly around your cash we will carefully review the details you included in the sign up form. If we have questions we contact you for clarification and then we go to work.

You will be regularly invited to visit your personal proofing page to provide feedback and or approvals at each milestone below. Development proceeds to the next milestone only when you are satisfied.

1) Concepts
We will post what we like to call our crude - and we mean crude - cut-n-paste concepts that are intended to nail down a general direction/concept for your card before we start paying our illustrator (He ain't cheap). Don't sweat the details at this point.

2) Line Art
Once you approve moving to line art, the marketing monkeys get out of the way and we get some real art happening. This is the point where you get blown away. Our illustrator takes our "scribble-scrabble" and magically makes it come to life. It actually scares us sometimes.

3) Colorization
It just keeps getting better. What looked really cool in black and white, virtually jumps off the page in color.

4) High Resolution Art
We finalize the art file and add in necessary text on the front of the card - typically your name and or company logo.

5) Card Back
The card back is developed as the front is being designed and you get multiple revision opportunities on this as well. The back of your Show Off Card will include the headshot provided by you as a basis for your caricature along with contact information and any other information you provided.

And then, after all the milestone approvals above, you get one last final-final press proof before we, you guessed it, go to press.
Now that we've explained the process in excruciating detail, you cannot possibly have any more questions, so go ahead and pry that credit card out of your wallet and Proceed to the sign up page.