The Card

Your Card: Business cards are more interesting and more memorable if they include a picture. But lots of people have businss cards with their picture on them. We take your business card to the next level with a Show Off Portrait. With a Show Off Portrait card we take your photo and create a totally unique vector portrait in one of two styles. Geometric or Classic. 

Layer upon layer of geometric
shapes in a multitude of colors
combines to produce a stunning
and unique portrait

Your photo is interpreted
in basic color levels and 
renedered in smooth and 
flowing sections

Card Front: Your unique vector portrait and all of your specified contact information.
Card Back: Blank 


True Offset Printing: While other printers have switched to laser or digital printing and are struggling to provide acceptable prints, we remain committed to the superior quality offered by offset lithography. We employ a high-resolution 200lpi (4800 dpi) screen for crisp clear photos and increased color gamut. Our prints have rich smooth solids without the streaking found in digital and laser prints. With offset printing your company image will look and feel more professional.  

Premium Paper Stock: Show Off Cards are design to the industry standard size of 2"x3.5". The paper stock we use is among the finest available. It is a comfortably thick 15-point stock and can grow to an impressive 16-point card with the glossy U/V coating applied. We have found that customers prefer our thick paper stock for business cards as it provides for a nice solid body that will hold up well over time, while providing an image of a stable and professional company.  

Coating: Glossy U/V coating provides a slick glossy look that enriches the full color printing by providing depth, while at the same time protecting the ink from fading and moisture. An uncoated card back allows for hand written notes.

The digital vector file of your Show Off Portrait ustom digital portrait can be printed as a postage stamp, billboard or anything in between!